Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Baseball Predictions

The Return of "THE EXPERT"

Here is the predictions of 2011 Baseball Season, Be ready for some shocking picks, (Or Non-Picks)

Lets review 2010 Picks

AL--Yankees, Tigers, Angels and Wild Card White Sox
Oops only got Yankees, I picked Rangers, Rays and Twins for 3rd

NL--A little better, Phillies, Cards, Giants, Wild card Reds
Got Giants, Did pick Reds for Playoffs

Picked Phillies over Braves for World Series

First some notes,
Red Sox look loaded but they have serious pitching questions, Yankees Starting Rotation could be among the worst in Baseball. The question is who will be this years Rays? Well how about the Rays? But bullpen is a question, How about the Orioles.

Twins, Tigers, White Sox should be a shootout

Can the Rangers even without Lee contend? how about the A's, Are the Angels done?

Phillies on paper should win 125 games, (On Paper) but they have lots of questions in the field, They are getting Old, Is Lee really that good, Oswalt talks about retirement does he have a full tank?, Who knows about Hammels and what about the bullpen again?

The Braves seem to be solid, The Marlins with a tiny payroll seems to over achieve, The Nats could make a jump, and for the 2nd year in a row I predict the Mets lose 100 Games

The Cards have health issues that will cost them. The Brewers have been toying with their fans for years now, Could this be the Year, are the Reds for real. Then there are the Cubs, Astro's and are the Pirates still in the league?

Was the Giants the baseball version of VCU or Butler, and How about the Rockies? They seem poised to make a big Move

American League

AL East

Red Sox (Hitting is the best in Baseball, But relying on Beckett and Lackey?)
Yankees (If AJ Burnett, Hughes and Young Nova come up big the Yankees can win it all)
Orioles (Buck Showalter gets the most out of his teams)
Rays (If the Bullpen finds itself the rays could be a playoff team)
Blue Jays (Oh Well)

AL Central

Twins (Just cannot pick against them)
White Sox* (Wild card Team)
Tigers (Stays in till September)
Royals (Jumps ahead of the Indians)
Indians ( Cleveland hits rock bottom as a Sports City)

AL West

A's (Why Not)
Rangers (Slips from last year)
Mariners (Begins its rise up, May Contend)
Angels (The Mighty has fallen)

National League

NL East

Braves (New Manager, Great results, Much Better)
Phillies (Note no asterisk, That means No Playoffs)
Marlins (Will Fade in 2nd half of season
Nationals (Some Hope in Washington)
Mets (100 losses and contends with Indians, and Pirates as worst team in baseball)

NL Central

Brewers (Good Pitching and good bats)
Reds* (Last year no fluke)
Cubs (Very weak bottom 4 in this division)
Cardinals (Injuries, age and stress of Albert Pujols drags team down)
Astro's (Not Much Hope)
Pirates (Hopeless)

NL West

Rockies (Finally gets over the Top)
Giants (They are good but not that good)
Dodgers (?)
D-Backs (?)
Padres (?)


Red Sox over White sox
Twins over A's

Twins over Red Sox (Twins don't have to face Yankees and get over the Top)

Braves over Reds
Brewers over Rockies

Braves over Brewers

World Series

Rematch of 1991--Same Result

Twins over Braves