Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 4 Picks

Week 4 Picks

Last Week 8-8
Season 26-22

winners in BOLD

Byes Colts and Steelers

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/27/12 (Thursday)Cleveland at Baltimore8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/30/12New England at Buffalo1PM
9/30/12Tennessee at Houston1PM
9/30/12San Diego at Kansas City1PM
9/30/12Minnesota at Detroit1PM
9/30/12Carolina at Atlanta1PM
9/30/12Seattle at St. Louis1PM
9/30/12San Francisco at NY Jets1PM
9/30/12Miami at Arizona4:05PM
9/30/12Oakland at Denver4:05PM
9/30/12Cincinnati at Jacksonville4:05PM
9/30/12New Orleans at Green Bay4:25PM
9/30/12Washington at Tampa Bay4:25PM
9/30/12 (Sunday Night)NY Giants at Philadelphia8:20PM (NBC)
10/1/12 (Monday Night)Chicago at Dallas8:30PM (ESPN)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nutball Gazette week 3 Picks

Last week 11-5 

Season 18-14 

Winners in Bold 

Week 3

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/20/12 (Thursday)NY Giants at Carolina8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/23/12Tampa Bay at Dallas1PM
9/23/12St. Louis at Chicago1PM
9/23/12San Francisco  at Minnesota1PM
9/23/12Detroit at Tennessee1PM
9/23/12Cincinnati at Washington1PM
9/23/12Kansas City at New Orleans1PM
9/23/12NY Jets at Miami1PM
9/23/12Buffalo at Cleveland1PM
9/23/12Jacksonville at Indianapolis1PM
9/23/12Philadelphia at Arizona4:05PM
9/23/12Atlanta at San Diego4:05PM
9/23/12Houston at Denver4:25PM
9/23/12Pittsburgh at Oakland4:25PM
9/23/12 (Sunday Night)New England at Baltimore8:20PM (NBC)
9/24/12 (Monday Night)Green Bay at Seattle8:30PM (ESPN)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

NFL Picks week 2

Sorry I have not been around, I have been facing serious Health Issues

First My Super Bowl Pick before the season was the Texans over the 49rs

Week 1 I was 7-9.

Winners in Bold

Thursday, Sept. 13

Chicago at Green Bay, 7:20

Sunday, Sept. 16

Kansas City at Buffalo, noon

New Orleans at Carolina, noon

Cleveland at Cincinnati, noon

Minnesota at Indianapolis, noon

Houston at Jacksonville, noon

Arizona at New England, noon

Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants, noon

Baltimore at Philadelphia, noon

Washington at St. Louis, 3:05

Dallas at Seattle, 3:05

Oakland at Miami, 3:25

N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh, 3:25

Tennessee at San Diego, 3:25

Sunday Night

Detroit at San Francisco, 7:20

Monday, Sept. 17

Denver at Atlanta, 7:30

Thoughts on other stuff

Baseball, Who would have expected the Orioles and Oakland A's to have the season they are having. I have not seen a train wreck of a season like the Red Sox has had since the 1965 Yankees 
Speaking of the Yankees., Every tear the Kentucky Wildcats win the NCAA Basketball Tourney the Yankees win the World Series, That streak ends this year 

Hockey, It was great while it lasted, The NHL as we know it is gone forever 

Well I hope to be able to do this every week,