Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Injuries I have suffered.

Last May 15th I suffered a Hip Injury hopping on the Tampa bays bandwagon as the Excerpt of a blog I wrote can prove, It was a great ride on the bandwagon and my Hip healed completely But Read below the portion from last year to hear about this years serious injury I have suffered. Just for the Record. This refers to the Rays being in 1st Place and the Yankees in Last Place..

Look what I wrote in May 2008 also check out this link from my Sporting News Blog from July 2008.

Fwd: Look who is 1st and who is last!! Hah????

Thursday, May 15, 2008 7:30 PM

"Dan S." , "Pete S." , "Mike F."

I am sure you are enjoying this Pete! But when the Rays defeat the Red Sox in the ALCS this October you won't be laughing!

I am now suffering from a serious ankle sprain jumping off the Rays bandwagon. I am willing to proclaim them eliminated from the playoff race. Stick a fork in them, Not only will they not make the playoffs, But they will finish Last in the AL east with at least 90 losses and well behind the 4th place team. (Toronto or Baltimore)
The Bullpen is the worst in baseball since the 1962 Mets, and with the exception of Matt Garza The starting Pitching is also a Disaster.
Add that B J Upton just cannot hit. Add 2B Akinori Iwamura is out for the season The Rays are headed to a historic downward spiral. And with the attendence so poor I see the Owners starting to trade anyone making pretty good money by Mid 2010.

One other prediction is that My other team I picked to be in the 2008 World Series and My pick to go to the NLCS the Chicago Cubs are imploding and I can see them sinking to anywhere from 4th to 6th (and last) in the NL Central. With the Hotheads of Carlos Zambrano, Lou pinella who seems to be in total frustration and about to have a total meltdown and with the signing of the always Out Of Control Milton Bradley I see this as ending up to be one of the worst years in Club History.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Labron and Kobe the 2009 version of Dan and Dave (1992) Olympics

Saw this posted on Facebook by Oz Ortiz

What do Dan and Dave have I common with LeBron and Kobe? Both equally hyped by the media before a big (hoped for) show down. Problem is only one made it then, and only one(Kobe)is going to make it now.

My Comment is
And Dave did not win a Gold Medal.
Will it happen to Kobe this year by losing in the Finals vs the Magic??
Just asking.

Of course I still would not count out Labron just yet vs the Magic.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Rameriz is out of the Hall Of Fame

This just in..ESPN is reporting that Manny Ramirez has suspended for 50 games By Major League Baseball..

With this news we now can conclude that everything that happened since the 1994 Season is fake and artificial and should not count, It is apparent that 90% or more of the players since then have used HGH and no one can be presumed innocent including players like Derek Jeter, Greg Maddux and even Cal Ripkin Jr.

So what does this mean. Well assuming this started in 1995 to put Home Runs in Baseball to get the fans back to the game then nothing after 1994 season can be counted as being real records And if you listen to players like Frank Robinson it may be nothing after 1980.

So Here is some points

1--The New York Yankees last World Series Championship is 1978
2--1918 is back. The Boston Red Sox have not won a Championship since then.
3--Lou Gehrig still owns the record for consecutive games played at 2130
4--Of course every already recognizes Hank Aaron and Roger Maris as the Career and Single season Home Run Record Holders
5--Hey Met Fans..1969 is your last Tittle
6--Chicago White sox last World Series Tittle 1917

And one last thing..Starting in about 5 years there may be no one inducted into the Hall Of fame for Decades unless they start allowing votes on players passed over in the past, players like Ron Santo, Don Mattingly and Bert Blylevin just to name a few.

This is another black eye to baseball who are facing major problems with attendance .
You can expect more loss of confidence of fans with baseball and this will cause a long term drop in attendance and I really expect in the next 10 years to see anywhere from 6 to 12 teams ceasing operations.

If anyone has other records that should be restored please add it on.
Also tell me your thoughts

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A-Rod under investigation by MLB

This just in from The LoHud Yankee Blog by

A Yankees Blog by Journal News beat writer Peter Abraham.

A-Rod under investigation by MLB

The New York Times is reporting that MLB is investigating Alex Rodriguez’s use of PEDs to determine the truthfulness of his claims.

Selena Roberts, who has a book coming out about Rodriguez, was asked to cooperate with the investigation and refused.

This news comes amid reports that commissioner Bud Selig has not yet decided whether baseball will investigate whether Rodriguez tipped pitches to friends on other teams the hope that they would do the same for him.

During his time with the Texas Rangers, Rodriguez often was allowed to call pitches from his position at shortstop. That would have easily enabled him to tip off opponents.

My Take..Everyone knows how much I hate a-Rod, but

If Roberts will not cooperate I cannot see how MLB can do anything. The Players Union will not stand for it, And A-Rod may be able to Sue MLB if they suspend him without conclusive proof.